Benefits of Property Auction

by Fairul Hafifi
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It’s essential that you have scan and perceive the conditions of sale by public auction and that your finances are in order.

Comparison Method

by Fairul Hafifi
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This technique estimates the particular market price of homes by examining factual data.

Christmas Property Maintenance Tips

by Abdullah Hakim

When it comes to sensible property maintenance, getting prepared for Christmas requires a slightly different approach to the work you may be doing during the rest of the year.

Real Estate Marketing

by Abdullah Hakim

A real estate marketing plan needs to take all facets of the realty business into account. This means marketing to real estate sellers as well as buyers.

Building a Buyers List

by Abdullah Hakim

Building a list of buyers is the most important thing you could do in list building. If you do not have a responsive list, you do not have a business. To do this, you are going to have to learn some new things.

Factors affecting demand for property

by Fairul Hafifi
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There are many factors beyond price that can cause changes in demand. Price is not the major determinant for housing demand.

Safety in mowing lawn

by Fairul Hafifi
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Every year, lots, maybe even thousands, of individuals get injured when using lawn mowers. Power lawn mowers can be dangerous even when used properly. Be proactive when it involves safety and follow these tips to avoid injuries:

Mowing lawn

by Fairul Hafifi

Most grasses have a range of recommended mowing heights. Stay at the upper end of that range when the lawn is below stressful conditions, like hot weather or drought, or if you have got a shady lawn.