Add to Your Income, Buy an Oceanside Home

by Mark Johnson

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Ever just thought about getting a second home to rent out? Having a property portfolio can be a great earner if you’re buying in the right location.

What you need to do is find somewhere attractive to renters. Either full-time, or during the summer months.

Now you might be a little lost. Ideally, you want to try finding oceanside property. The summer rental market gives you a good period of earning from May to August.

Say for example you rent out the home per week. You’ve got up to sixteen weeks to fill. If you charge anywhere between four to five hundred per week, you can make around eight thousand of supplementary income in the summer alone.

Part of the reason the buy-to-let market near the sea is so successful is the affinity for the ocean before have.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy the ocean. It’s enough to get you calling up realtors like Knight & Gardner Key West Realty to see what they have on the market.

Even if they’re not a swimmer or a fan of seafood, there are still some great reasons for renters to holiday in your property there.

For one, the air. You might wonder what’s the deal with air, isn’t air the same everywhere? Wrong. If you’ve lived in a city or the suburbs all your life you’re missing out. Pollution and smog totally mess with the air you breathe. Don’t worry, don’t go putting your gasmasks on just yet. It’s breathable, but it could be so much better.

Clean sea air is part of the reason why holidaymakers head for the ocean.

When people say the sea air is better, they mean it. Fresh air coming off the coast. Untainted, pure, and kinda salty. It’s like breathing a lungful of the finest champagne.

Then you’ve got the food. I’ve already mentioned seafood, and if you’re not into it that’s fine. If your renters are though, they’ve got a smorgasbord of options.

Best of all? It’ll be fresh. If they’ve never had fresh seafood they’ve not lived. Caught just hours before it reaches their plate. Tender, succulent, and flavorful.

If they’re not a fan of seafood? Well, there’s always the chicken. Chickens live by the sea too you know.

Then, they’ve got the activities. Obviously they’ve got the beach which is always good for a day out. How about something more exciting though? Hire a boat and be a captain for the day. They could grab a surfboard and learn how to catch some waves. Not only is surfing a great way to stay in shape but when you get it just right, it’s incredibly fun.

If the water isn’t their thing, how about some beach sports? Beach football, volleyball, you name it. Again, if that isn’t quite their speed, they could just rent a quad bike to ride out on the sand dunes.

There’s something for everyone. Don’t be stubborn and say there isn’t, because we know that’s a lie.

If you want to supplement your income during the summer, invest in a rental home near the sea. More importantly, you need to sell the location just as hard as I’ve sold it to you.

Make them want to rent from you. Practically make them beg for it. Just imagine that extra eight thousand per summer in your yearly income.

It’s a smart move and you know it. You just have to capitalise.

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